Sicer at Cersaie 2019

Great success at Cersaie 2019; the “Green Technology Lounge” hosted many customers intersented in the presentation of the new products.

Sicer this year more than ever, wanted to convey a very strong message related to the importance of ecology and environmental protection with a completely “Green” themed stand.

Ecology and Respect for the Environment have always been the key words of the corporate Ethics Code.

Sicer has invested many resources in research and development of sustainable products from which a range of digital inks and glues was born, the exclusive .LE LOW EMISSION series.

More and more Ceramics brand are choosing these products as a green alternative to common digital inks!

The other protagonists of Cersaie 2019 were been:

  • GLR GLAZES: “Technical Anti-slip glazes”. A complete range of no-reflex and anti-slip glazes that guarantee smooth texture, total cleanability and perfect color development.
    The GLR series allows you to calibrate the surface texture according to the required value (from R9 to R13) (A + B + C), ensuring the standard requirements of each country for the flooring of public spaces. Sicer offers a range of 3 series of customizable glazes for individual customer requests and production conditions.

  • Monoporosa Vetrosa Grits, GMP series: Exclusive series of vetrosa grits dedicated to the decoration of great value ceramic wall tiles. The GMP range, Monoporosa
    Grits, allows to obtain unique and precious results, in a single firing process between 1080 °C and 1160 °C. The different effects are guaranteed by a complete range of grits with different particle sizes, which allow to realize
    a variety of decorations suitable to satisfy every type of customer’s need, from the most modern and defined to the
    most abstract and creative, with the possibility of delicate and elegant enrichments or brightly colored.

Thanks to All!

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