Anti-Slip GLR Glazes

Anti-Slip GLR Glazes

Sicer presents a new range of Anti-slip Glazes, GLR series, Technical Anti-slip Glazes.

A complete range of anti-glare and anti-slip glazes that guarantee:

  • Anti-slip Technical surface (from R9 to R13)
  • Smooth texture
  • Total cleanability
  • Perfect color development

The GLR series allows you to calibrate the surface texture according to the required value (from R9 to R13) (A + B + C), ensuring the standard requirements of each country for the flooring of public spaces.

Sicer offers a range of 3 series of customizable glazes for individual customer requests and production conditions.

The 3 families are divided into:

  • Low firing conditions        GLR  010-011-012
  • Normal firing conditions  GLR 020-021-022
  • High firing conditions       GLR  030-031-032


To obtain even more “hard” surfaces it is also possible to combine GLR glazes with technical grits of the GHR line.


Download the new Brochure of GLR grazes, click here!

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