Sicer celebrates 30 years

Thirty years have gone by since 1993 when the longstanding ceramic colour manufacturer Sicer was founded with a strong focus on products for third firing. Right from the start, the company set its sights on becoming a leading international player and has…

Sicer buys the Ex-CERFRIT production plant in Spain.

The Sicer Group continues its development process with the purchase of an important production plant in the district of Castellón, Spain. Sicer on May 19, 2021 completed the acquisition process of the Ex CERFRIT production plant located in the heart…

AZIMUT Group invests in SICER SPA.

The Governance and management of the company is still in the hands of Gianfranco Padovani and Giuliano Ferrari - President and CEO. Sicer Spa, in recent days has reached an important agreement with the Azimut Group, one of the most…

Sicer presents the 360° VIRTUAL GALLERY TOUR

Sicer is the first company in the sector to present an innovative GALLERY VIRTUAL TOUR An authentic 360° tour of Sicer showroom where the Customer can admire the projects and surfaces on display exactly as in reality. A 3D space where…
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