Personalized assistance service

Thanks to an international presence, we can be near to all our customers ensuring a dynamic, timely and continuous technical assistance. We support each one of our customers with enthusiasm and passion, ensuring a very high-level service and sharing challenges to achieve common goals.

Company philosophy

Company philosophy focuses on the constant research of advanced materials and technologies and of an always-innovative design.



Sicer pursues excellence in every product. Our technical staff works closely with the Graphic and Marketing Departments in order to offer very high-quality products, but always in line with the times and new trends.


Service and technical assistance of the highest level, cutting-edge research instruments, know-how and staff training, are our distinctive elements.


Design and loyalty

We design projects in cooperation with the best graphic design studios. We provide our customers with an internal project design studio, a photo studio and a team dedicated to the training for external technicians.

Our research and technological laboratories work constantly to improve quality and technical features of every product, ensuring to each customer a customized and high-quality product.


Customer care

Sicer ensures to each customer a timely and dedicated pre and post-sale service. We follow our customers step by step in the tuning of our products, ensuring a specialized technical assistance with a dedicated and loyal staff.


A constant dialogue with customers is fundamental, as well as partnerships with plant engineers. We establish trusted relationships and partnerships that allow us to experiment new technologies and to create productive realities imitated all over the world.

and service.

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