Sustainability and company integrated systems policy

Sicer Spa operates in the chemical industry of ceramic colour manufacturers and focuses its policy and corporate governance on environmental, social and quality issues.
The general principles which form the basis of the policy, as dictated by the Code of Ethics, are:


  • Integrity, honesty, correctness and loyalty
    complying with applicable laws, anti-money laundering regulations and internal codes, preventing corruption and organised crime;
    building transparent, loyal and respectful relationships with customers, suppliers, public authorities by operating in an environment of mutual trust;
  • Fairness, objectivity, personal and labour protection
    pursuing personal safety, freedom and individual personality while respecting human rights and the right to job security and fair pay;
  • Transparency and confidentiality
    promoting truthful, complete, transparent and clear communication, both within and outside the company, so that the other party is able to understand it and make informed decisions;
    fostering and protecting the confidentiality of company data and know-how;
  • Product innovation
    creating an open and stimulating working environment that encourages research and the exchange of ideas in order to innovate surfaces, formats and aesthetic appearance to enhance the product;
  • Sustainability
    basing business decisions on the principles of ESG.

Sicer Spa undertakes to adopt and publicise this policy by defining objectives in line with the above-mentioned principles and with the reference standards it has implemented, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, and has chosen to implement, UNI EN ISO 45001:2018.
Sicer has identified four specific areas relevant to the pursuit of this policy:


  • Governance and sustainability;
  • Protection of workers and human rights;
  • Responsible production processes and protection of the environment;
  • Satisfaction of stakeholders.


Governance and sustainability

The corporate bodies oversee sustainability issues and how they affect all those involved in the supply chain, with the aim of:

  • identifying the most relevant sustainability issues for the company;
  • coordinating and overseeing sustainability strategies according to ESG standards;
  • considering social and environmental aspects in the lines of business development, also in compliance with applicable legislation;
  • laying down social and environmental guidelines by defining indicators and multi-year improvement plans and monitoring their implementation;
  • earmarking the necessary resources for the implementation of improvement plans.

Protection of workers and human rights

The company considers respect for people and the environment to be decisive for the achievement of established market goals, aiming at:

  • providing working conditions that respect human rights, are dignified, professional and adequately paid;
  • ensuring equal opportunities regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, physical appearance, health, disability, trade union activity, political orientation, family and marital status, citizenship, social background;
  • ensuring suitable working hours while avoiding excessive workloads, to ensure a proper work-life balance
  • guarantee the freedom to join trade unions and the right to collective bargaining by promoting an open dialogue with employees and their representatives;
  • maintaining a safe working environment, fulfilling legal obligations on health and safety by promoting appropriate preventive actions within the company premises;
  • implementing specific training activities for professional and cultural growth in the areas of health and safety, management systems and environmental sustainability;
  • working with local communities by encouraging the hiring of staff from the local area.

Responsible production processes and protection of the environment

The company engages with customers and stakeholders by offering high value-added products with the aim of:


  • reducing environmental impacts through the development of sustainable production processes, including the implementation of IT systems to monitor and optimise the consumption of energy, water and emissions into the atmosphere;
  • analysing the supply chain according to ESG criteria;
  • reducing environmental impacts by improving the recycling of by-products;
  • properly educating customers on how to efficiently and safely use the products supplied;
  • raising employees’ awareness of the responsible use of resources and proper waste disposal.

Satisfaction of stakeholders

The company is committed to ensuring full transparency in its operations towards all stakeholders, from suppliers to customers, local communities, credit agencies and public bodies. All communication channels are used for this purpose: the company website, social media, printed media, personal relations at trade fairs, visits or organised internal events. Governance is also aimed at:


  • maintaining an internal organisation capable of responding to the needs and/or requests of all Stakeholders consistent with the company’s business lines and in accordance with the principles listed in this policy;
  • earmarking resources to the in-house research and development area in order to further develop the ability to interpret customer needs by dedicating specific research and service lines;
  • keeping up to date on technologies, materials, new production trends, legislative aspects, in order to compete in the global market by demonstrating reliability and competence.

This policy has been approved by the BoD.

The policy is mad e available to all stakeholders by publication on the company’s website.

The managing directors will, periodically and when necessary, revise the document in the event of adjustments to corporate strategies, changes in legislation or markets, or as a result of evidence from in-house monitoring.


Personnel management and recruitment

Sicer Spa manages personnel and collaborators according to the guidelines of its Code of Ethics. Company managers promote the principles of inclusion, respect for diversity, working conditions and human rights through the adoption of this policy.

The company does not make use of child or forced labour, applies the relevant national contracts, and allows the workers to appoint their own company representative and join collective bargaining organisations.

It has a set of company regulations issued to all workers, which define the use of company property, management of working hours, holidays and leave in order to manage working relations with all employees.
Employees communicate with the company through: area managers, worker representatives, worker associations as well as the branch HR contact person.
Employees have access to the whistleblowing platform (http://leaks.sicer.it/#/) for all relevant reports of violations of the Code of Ethics and the existing employment relationship.

Recruitment, whether for an indefinite or fixed-term contract, is carried out in compliance with legal provisions concerning private-law employment relationships as well as with the rules resulting from national and company collective bargaining.

The company’s recruitment plans, in terms of the number of resources planned, are approved by the board of directors as part of the budget definition process, as are the recruitment or promotions of senior managers.


Recruitment Process

The recruitment and hiring process is carried out following procedures that guarantee objectivity, fairness and transparency, using:


  • Recruiting companies
  • Authorised employment agencies
  • Job centres
  • Schools, institutes and universities
  • Job adverts
  • Publication on the LINKEDIN social network or company website.

The company’s development and innovation must be supported by trained personnel and employees who, upon joining the company, take part in internal training organised by the area manager in order to acquire the skills required to fulfil the task. The company is committed to creating a stimulating and dynamic working environment to foster personal and professional learning and growth.

Every year, the company devises a staff training and specialisation plan according to the needs that emerge as a result of new technologies, regulatory changes or specific sector/departmental requirements.

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