A long-established manufacturer of glazes, inks, and other colouring products, Sicer has been working in the ceramic tiling industry for over 25 years, handling both industrial and artistic tiling.

Over the years, Sicer has become global Leader in designing, producing and distributing of materials for decorating.

Today it is the reference Partner of the best producers of large ceramic slabs.

The high technical level of the products and the attention to innovation and aesthetic research have always been distinctive and essential elements for the company, as well as the customer service, the real strength of the company.



Established in 1993, with the acquisition of an italian historic factory in Torriana (RN) in 2001, Sicer immediately confirmed its desire to become a global reference company for both the industrial and artistic ceramic sector.

The company’s growth path has always been constant over the years, with the succession of acquisitions of production and commercial sites all over the world.

Lastly, in 2019, Sicer acquired the majority of SOL-INKS, an Indian company leader in the production of ceramic inks and founded SICER-INKERA, affirming its presence also on the Indian market.

In recent 2020, the entry into the Company of a new investment fund gave Sicer additional skills and resources to further accelerate the growth path both internally and externally and confirm the desire for world leadership.



We can consider ourselves an international producer thanks to a global presence with production and commercial plants in Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Poland, Turkey and India.

Proximity to the customer is essential to ensure maximum assistance.

The company goals are ambitious and the territorial expansion is still ongoing.

We’ll never stop!



Sicer is an inexhaustible source of ideas, technology and excellence.

The heart of the factory’s research consists of 3 main departments:


The research center of the factory is the Technology Lab, a group of chemical engineers who, supported by the best technologies, are dedicated to the study and creation of innovative products of unparalleled quality, taking care the protection of the environment and the needs of the end customer, which has always been the primary target of the company.

The Digital R&D Lab is the department dedicated to the research and development of digital inks, materials and glues. In recent years, an ambitious goal has been set: to reduce the environmental impact while maintaining the quality standard of the products. With this goal, were born the well-known patented series of digital inks and glues .LE LOW EMISSION and the new WATER BASED series.

The DBU Lab is the heart of ceramic decoration. A team of technicians and artists who study and research precious ceramic materials to create unique and exclusive decorations.

Constant innovation
and respect
of the environment.

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