Present for over 25 years in the sector of industrial Ceramic and third firing, Sicer distinguishes itself for the high technical standard of the products and the focus on innovation and aesthetic research.


Over the years, Sicer has become global Leader in designing, producing and distributing of materials for decorating, as well as an important reference point for its own clients boasting an effective and timely service capability.


In 2001, with the acquisition of the historic paint factory based in Torriana (RN), Sicer confirmed the will to become a reference company also in the industrial world. Today, through many production plants in the world, it can count the most prestigious international ceramic groups among its customers.


The recent entry of a group of industrial entrepreneurs has given Sicer additional skills to accelerate both internationalization and the will of world Leadership.



We can consider ourselves an international producer thanks to a global presence with production and commercial plants in Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Poland, Turkey and India. The company goals are ambitious and the territorial expansion is still ongoing.


Being close to customers is crucial to ensure maximum assistance.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

Sicer wanted to consolidate its Governance adopting the principles of Sustainability and making clear its actions towards Stakeholders. Business strategies are planned in compliance with social and environmental implications that these entail; thus, social and environmental responsibilities are crucial. The company is constantly striving to research new technologies aimed at saving energy and to sensitize employees and collaborators towards environmental issues, also intensifying recycling in all work locations. Sicer’s Technology Lab, a laboratory with cutting-edge technical instruments, directs its studies towards the research of products of the highest technical and aesthetic quality, but also eco-sustainable, such as the exclusive range of digital inks “.LE- LOW EMISSION “.

Sicer Spa’s production unit is set in an environmental context of particular importance for the province of Rimini: indeed, it is in the area of the Marecchia Valley, a protected area of European interest. The plant was authorized by the Emilia Romagna Region with Integrated Environmental Authorization that requires numerous controls and limits on different parameters of air and noise pollution.


Social responsibility

To protect our employee’s health and safety is our responsibility. Welfare, professional growth and quality of the working environment are achieved through training courses, monitoring and investment systems.

The company has implemented an integrated quality and environment management system to spread the culture of the “risk-based thinking approach”. Click here to disover more.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility


Since ever sensitive to the growing needs of quality required by the market, Sicer dedicates a great commitment to continuous improvement of business processes. The internal HSE Department – Health Safety & Environment – collects, spreads and manages all industry regulations, both technical and legislative, and ensures support and security to all activities.


Sicer Italia obtained the certification “Quality System TUV – UNI EN ISO 9001:2015  ” and the certification “Environmental Management TUV – UNI EN ISO 14001:2015“.

Since 2019, also Sicer Indonesia quality system has obtained the certification TUV-UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


Sicer distinguishes itself in the endorsement of some essential entrepreneurial values such as transparency, partnership, real value, network and social culture – values at the basis of the company growth and success. The company considers all stakeholders a key resource, a source of inspiration for products and business processes innovation, and acts in compliance with the rights of the individual and in the sharing of common values.


From here, it originates SICER ETHICS CODE, which sets the basis for the development of the CORPORATE ORGANIZATION MODEL (Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, and whose INFORMATIVE TRANSPARENCY,  PENALITY SYSTEM  and efficiency are the basic principles. Click on the words highlighted to show the reference documents.


Constant innovation
and respect
of the environment.

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