Sicer buys the Ex-CERFRIT production plant in Spain.

The Sicer Group continues its development process with the purchase of an important production plant in the district of Castellón, Spain.

Sicer on May 19, 2021 completed the acquisition process of the Ex CERFRIT production plant located in the heart of the Spanish ceramic district of Castellón.

Sicer continues and strengthens its positioning in international markets, further consolidating its position in the Spanish district. Sicer currently operates with production plants located in the main world ceramic districts in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia and India.

Following the acquisition, the Sicer Group will have a new highly specialized production site of approximately 9.000m2 as well as laboratories and offices, all on an area of ​​over 30.000m2. The plant has an important frit production department with a production capacity of over 40,000 tons / year, in addition to the possibility of producing latest generation glazes and grits.

The new plant will allow Sicer to increase its business in terms of quantity and variety of products produced in one of the most important ceramic districts in the world.

Gianfranco Padovani e Giuliano Ferrari,Shareholders and Directors, comment: “We are particularly pleased with this acquisition. Sicer, already present on the Spanish market since 2000, has long wanted to equip itself with an adequate system to meet the demands of a highly demanding and competitive market. Two years after the acquisition of the Indian site, the group’s internationalization process continues with the clear objective of having a solid production presence and technical assistance in the major ceramic districts in the world. A special thanks to our Spanish colleagues to whom we wish a great and fruitful work “.

Matteo Bruni, Partner Private Equity of Azimut Libera Impresa SGR, adds: “Sicer strengthens its growth path with a strategic acquisition that will allow the Group to further increase its productive and competitive strength.

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