Sicer celebrates 30 years

Thirty years have gone by since 1993 when the longstanding ceramic colour manufacturer Sicer was founded with a strong focus on products for third firing. Right from the start, the company set its sights on becoming a leading international player and has grown steadily over the years through acquisitions and branch openings all over the world.

Sicer passed its first major milestone in 2001 when it acquired the Torriana colour producer in Rimini and transformed it into its main production facility. Since then the company has expanded and opened subsidiaries in Spain, Indonesia and Mexico, followed by another in India in 2019 and most recently this year in the United States.

But it was the arrival of a group of investors in 2015 that enabled Sicer to make a real leap forward and accelerate its internationalisation process. Following an extensive restructure of its production processes, the company was able to expand its product portfolio for the ceramic tile industry and boost its presence in all major ceramic manufacturing districts worldwide.

A constantly evolving company with TÜV and ESG certification, Sicer is now well known and valued by the world’s leading ceramic groups for its high-quality product offering, which includes such outstanding products as the GHR and GRA DRY-LUX series of technical grits for mirror and non-mirror surfaces.

The Torriana facility (20,000 square metres of floor space), equipped with state-of-the-art Italian-made plant and technology, continues to be the group’s main production site.

30 anni sicer

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