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Sicer describes the advantages of the new digital inks



“As part of its ongoing research into extremely high-quality innovative materials and products, Sicer is unveiling its new six-colour system, a revolutionary solution that will overcome current limits on decoration in the ceramic industry.

Consisting of the exclusive digital inks Rosso Assoluto (red), Giallo (yellow), Verde Intenso (green) and Turchese (turquoise) along with the standard Nero (black) and Ciano (cyan), Sicer’s new six-colour system forms an extremely wide colour gamut with the potential to decorate ceramic products with previously unimaginable designs and colours.

This important innovation has also enabled Sicer to enter the world of tableware decoration with a brand new range of T-INK tableware inks capable of achieving excellent results in the decoration of porcelain or ceramic plates.

Applied using state-of-the-art digital technologies, the new inks are suitable for single-application decoration of flat and concave surfaces on any kind of tableware followed by a single firing process (from 1000°C to 1250°C with excellent colour yield). This technology may be able to replace decal decoration, bringing considerable savings in time and resources.

The new series of inks – the SCD range for porcelain tiles and slabs and the T-INK range for tableware – offer numerous technical advantages including more intense colours and ceramic effects and an enhanced surface finish.

Sicer has always counted service and technical support amongst its key strength and produces tailor-made projects in collaboration with its customers, accompanying them through the entire product development process.

Sicer inks are enhanced in different ways according to the production process and the technologies used in the different sectors, from large size porcelain panels and slabs through to tableware.

Depending on the different projects and needs, the company can develop a dedicated ceramic coating or protective treatment to maximise the colour gamut, exploiting the excellent qualities of the range of technical honing grits from the GHR, GRA and GRX series. Within this wide range of grits, Sicer recommends LUX .12 calibrated micro-grits (0.034-0.153 mm) for wet application, and DRY LUX .49 calibrated grits (0.153-0.270 mm) for dry application. The finish ensures unique technical characteristics such as extremely high transparency and standard-compliant levels of acid and alkaline resistance.

Sicer inks are applied using latest-generation digital printheads such as :

  • Seiko RC1536
  • Dimatix SG1024M-HF
  • Dimatix SG1024M
  • Xaar GS40
  • Dimatix “R”.


Download the article in PDF (5Mb.): Ceramic World Review 126/2018

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