Sicer Cersaie 2022

On the occasion of the next Cersaie (26-30 September 2022), Sicer presents the perfect combination for surfaces with natural levels with a 3D effect: WATER-BASED DIGITAL GLUE SCD3001H AND TECHNICAL GRITS GHR-GRA.


Innovation and the search for new materials to enhance and perfect the tactile perception of ceramic surfaces is constant and the results obtained by Sicer are increasingly astounding.


Sicer has managed to create a new package of products that perfectly reproduce the authentic and irregular surfaces of a stone, as well as a wood or a marble on ceramic tile. All on various levels making the finished product alive, natural and material.


By digitally applying the renewed technical grits of GHR and GRA series on the exclusive water-based digital glue SCD3001H, it is possible to create extremely natural and well-defined thicknesses of various levels.
Furthermore, by combining an innovative lapping technology, it is possible to obtain a softer and more tenuous finish, typical of surfaces worn by time or foot traffic.

The combination of SICER materials and high definition digital technology creates thick details perfectly integrated with the underlying graphics.


A revolutionary production process that combines the technical properties of the grits with the aesthetics of the product, obtaining surfaces of exceptional sensorial value and identical to those found in nature.


The properties of all Sicer’s materials by Technology Lab and Digital Lab have always been synonymous with the highest technical and aesthetic quality, but also maximum attention to the environment.
The new water-based digital glue SCD3001H is a clear example of this.
Totally odorless and with low emission, high adhesive power, it embodies extremely performing technical characteristics:


  1. Thanks to the formula based on water and hydro-compatible materials, SCD3001H enormously lowers the emissions of COT, VOC, aldehydes and odorous substances from the chimneys of ceramic kilns, making them minimal.
  2. The use of SCD3001H allows the customer to produce on different lines in the same plant without exceeding the limit values ​​of COT and aldehydes in the stack.
  3. SCD3001H contains a flux that increases the bonding power, improves the spreading of the grit, helps waterproof the substrate before applying the glass, and further reduces the emission of VOC to the chimney.
  4. It guarantees much longer drying times than common solvent-based glues.

With the aim of continuing the water-based research and offering the customer a complete range, in addition to digital glue, the DIGITAL R&D lab has developed a complete series of WATER BASED DIGITAL MATERIALS, GLOSSY, a new very opaque white and special glazes or finishes.


Find out more about Evo Dry-Lux, GHR grits and Water Based Glue SCD3001H


We are waiting for you at Cersaie to touch out new materials with your hands! You will find us at hall 33, booth D10/E9.


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