Sicer Cersaie 2023

On the occasion of the next Cersaie (25-29 September 2023), Sicer presents SILKY ROCK SURFACES.

Today’s ceramic tile market calls more and more for floor coverings with certified anti-slip characteristics, but also with surfaces suitable for indoor environments, such as pleasantness to the touch.

Sicer has opted for an innovative solution that is set to revolutionise the concept of non-slip tiles that can be used to create flooring that is both safe and visually appealing:

Anti-slip flooring must comply with specific regulations and safety standards, based on two distinct parameters: the slipperiness coefficient and the friction coefficient. 
SILKY ROCK SURFACES offers a state-of-the-art solution for making non-slip surfaces that comply with all the international regulations, at the same time ensuring surfaces that are pleasant to the touch.
Through extensive research, the laboratories at Sicer have created a unique, top-quality ceramic finish that combines an extremely soft, anti-glare surface with excellent slip resistance.

This formula can be adapted to the customer’s needs, calibrated and adapted for an antisplip finish from R9 to R12. The new SRK range can be applied using either an airless system or the new application technologies
and guarantees solutions adaptable to any ceramic production environment.

The surfaces obtained are:  

  • silky soft and pleasant to the touch,
  • anti-glare,
  • non-slip R9-R12,
  • easy to clean.

SILKY ROCK SURFACES are also guaranteed to pass the Pendulum test and the Mazaud test.
Choosing SILKY ROCK SURFACES means investing in safety and design, creating beautiful, functional and risk-free environments.

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We are waiting for you at Cersaie!

You will find us at hall 33, booth D10/E9.


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