Sicer at Coverings 2018 launched the new six colors print process

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Sicer at the international fair Coverings 2018 launched the new six color print process and the new “lux” and “dry lux” technical grits.

A stand of 120 square meters, to preview the results obtained with new products: digital inks, technical grits, glaze and all the products for decorations on third fire.

The new six inks print process, composed of the exclusive digital inks ABSOLUTE RED, YELLOW, INTENSE GREEN and TURQUOISE , in addition to traditional Black and Cyan inks, allows to obtain an exponentially wide color gamut, with the possibility to realize on ceramics, graphics and colors unthinkable until today.

Sicer inks are enhanced in different ways, depending on the production process and the technologies of different sectors; from ceramic industry to the tableware sector.

Moreover, Sicer will be present at Coverings with projects realized with the newest range of thecnical grits .12 for special wet LUX application, and the range of thecnical grits .49 for special DRY LUX application.

All Sicer Projects have unmistakable technical characteristics, such as the very high transparency and resistance.

Have a look of the Ceramicana video interview,  click here!




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