Sicer Preview Cersaie 2018

Special Event July 18th

Sicer on July 18th has launched as a preview two exclusive products that will be present at Cersaie 2018:

– Low emission inks, series “.LE”

– Range of grits for dry application for mirror polishing, series “G R A DRY-LUX”


The new  “.LE”series – LOW EMISSION DIGITAL INKS; Innovative ECO solvent-based ceramic inks.

The latest evolution of the Sicer Inks research aimed at obtaining products with a very low environmental impact.
Lubricated and environmentally friendly, they have an almost no-smelling component and a significant reduction in harmful emissions compared to the best eco-inks available on the
market today.
The new “.LE” series will be available from September 2018.

Exclusive rage of grits for dry application for mirror polishing. A range of transparent compact grits able to get, through lapping/polishing process, extra glossy surfaces with
unreachable technical features.
These series assure total transparency, correct thermal coefficient of dilatation, compact and deep glass. GRA grits show high chemical resistance, high scratch resistance and easy clean ability.
Sicer offers a complete range of 6 different mixable grits, any of its suitable to be customized.


  An event with Sicer’s customers and friends who were able to appreciate the novelties presented and also spend a pleasant evening with music and entertainment.

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