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The best products to create the highest quality ceramic surfaces.
  • Engobes.

    Extra-white and transparent, vitrified and with a high coefficient, in compound or granulated for the press.

  • Inks.

    Digital inks and materials. Ecological products that guarantee excellent results with very low harmful emissions for the environment. Water and solvent based.

  • Glazes and coverings.

    Anti-glare, clear, silky and non-slip (R9 – R13). They ensure an efficient chromatic development.

  • Microgrits and technical grits.

    High resistance GHR series for natural ceramic surfaces. GRA series for the highest quality polished surfaces.

  • Products for decorating, digital or not.

    Precious metals, printing bases and vetrosa grits for any type of use and surface. DEKO inks series for low temperature decoration on vetrified surfaces.


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