Metallic colours with a silky surface.

In every form of use, they make the decoration richer and more particular.

In Micacei series you can find:


  • White silver metallic color
  • Bronze metallic color
  • Copper metallic color
  • Gold metallic color
  • Ice white metallic color
  • Smoke metallic color
  • Silver metallic color
  • Lemon Gold metallic color


All our products are lead-free.



Metalized pastes ready-to-use that give surfaces a delicate and iridescent effect.

In Chromed series there are:


  • Lemon gold metallic color
  • Fuxia metallic color
  • Blue metallic color
  • Pearly metallic color

  • Aluminium metallic color
  • Bronze metallic color
  • Copper metallic color
  • Brown metallic color

  • Black board metallic color
  • Green metallic color
  • Reflex ruby metallic color
  • Reflex sky metallic color

  • Reflex emerald metallic color
  • Reflex Sun metallic color
  • Silver metallic color
  • Gold metallic color
Luminor, Chic & Pixel

Luminor, Chic & Pixel

Pastes ready-to-use that give surfaces a glitterized or pearled effect.


  • Printing luminor amber
  • Printing luminor sapphire
  • Printing luminor gold
  • Printing golden chic LT
  • Printing pearly chic LT
  • Printing golden ruby red chic LT



  • Golden chic
  • Pearly chic
  • Ruby Red chic



  • Vetrosa
  • Cristal


  • Silver Pearly,
  • Yellow Sun Pearly,
  • Yellow Bronze Pearly,
  • Red Bronze Pearly,
  • Aluminium Pearly,
  • Rose Pearly.



They make the decoration extremely shiny and bright.

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