Precious metals

Precious metals

Precious metals based products suitable for ceramic decoration with different features, tones and effects.

They are provided in liquid form, in screen-printing paste and like digital inks as well.

Liquid State:

  • Liquid lemon gold
  • Liquid gold
  • Liquid platinum

Gold Pastes:

  • Lemon gold paste
  • Yellow gold paste
  • Bright gold paste
  • Red gold paste
  • Yellow gold paste
  • Golden purple paste
  • Gold paste




Platinum Paste:

  • White gold paste
  • Platinum paste


Precious metal based inks

Sicer offers a new series of precious metal based inks, today very appreciated and sought-after.

This series of Inks is availabe in the colors:

  • Gold Metal Ink
  • Platinum Metal Ink
  • Luster Metal Ink
  • Cleaner

The application of this product ensures an optimal effect on both flat and structured surfaces.

Precious metal based inks


Special materials with a metal effect that allow obtaining iridescent effects on the ceramic surface.

Sicer offers:

  • Ecologic Lusters
  • Solvent based Colored Lusters

Their brightness enlivens the decoration made with even the most traditional and simple techniques.

Sicer makes available auxiliary materials for precious metals and lustres specific for different applications, optimizing their viscosity.


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