Glossy trasparent vetrosa

Series of glossy transparent vetrosa characterized by different coefficient of expansion.

They are suitable for any kind of mountings and uses.

Discover the wide range of Glossy trasparent vetrosa proposed by Sicer by clicking on the image.

Reactive Vetrosa

Not well-defined shapes and abstract graphics are the features that mark this type of vetrosa grit.

It reaches its maximum shine with dry application and in combination with Raku glaze.

Vetrosa for polishing

A special series of vetrosa grits that, exposed to the smoothing process, allow having glossy and satin embossed surfaces.

Special Vetrosa

Special vetrosa grits always more appreciated and sought-after for the peculiarity of their effects.

Materials of great prestige for the simulation of “Fake structures”.

Sicer offers a  wide catalog of Special Vetrosa, with different colors and effects.

This range is also distinguished by the different application temperatures:

  • Special Vetrosa for low temperature
  • Special Vetrosa for high temperature


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Multi-effects vetrosa

A selection of vetrosa grits that allow obtaining decorations with many different effects.

This range is suitable to be used both in mixture and dry.

"Le Murrine" Vetrosa

An innovative range of vetrosa grits inspired by the old tradition of the master glassmakers of Murano island and made with the latest technologies and design.

“Murrine” series is a product created for the decoration of porcelain gress and single-fired tiles.

Moreover, they guarantee a good result by:

  • Dry application by screen printing
  • Wet application by screen printing

Excellent aesthetic qualities, bright colors and great chemical resistance are some of its features.

Have a look of our brochure about “Le Murrine”, click here. 

Positano & Shadow

The new “Positano” and “Shadow” series are inspired by the architecture and artistic decor of the famous Amalfi Coast, characterized by pastel colors and inspiration for many artists and ceramists.

The idea of combining tradition and innovation, realizing current and original proposals.

A complete range of grits, able to meet the needs of each customer.

  • Use at low temperature between 820 and 850 °C.
  • Porcelain Gres support
  • Special printing base for Monoporosa and Doble fired tiles.
  • Dry application

Have a look of our brochure , click here.

Vulcano & Titanium

A modern remake of material surfaces and metallic effects that in the past characterized the ceramic objects worked with the Raku technique.

Wonderful shades of color that make unique each product.

In the series of vetrosa grits “Vulcano” and “Titanium” you will find a complete range of different colors and effects.

Have a look of our brochure , click here.


A series of vetrosa grits whose surface imitates the oxidized metal and from which the name OXIDE is born.

Oxide series can be used on floor and wall decoration, on glazed porcelain gres support.

The perfect firing temperature of this metal vetrosa grits is 1140 °C.

Oxide series can be also polished.

The screen mesh application, with 21T, can be both dry or wet.


Colored Metallic Crystals

Vetrosa grits with colored metallic crystals, whose particularity is to have a surface with golden streaks.

This series of vetrosa grits is suitable for wall decoration.

The perfect use is at low temperature between 830 and 850 °C.


A new range of vetrosa grits that guarantee very particular colored matt effects.

This is a range of high-temperature vetrosa grits, from 970 °C to 1040 °C.

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