Materie digitali SCD

Materie digitali SCD

Sicer presents a series of homologated digital materials with particular colorings that enhances the light’s effects.

Thanks to the chemical featurings of these digital materials the following effects can be achieved:

  • White, hard, high opacity
  • Extra-white, soft
  • Shiny bright effect
  • Shiny effect
  • Plunged reactive
  • Matt devitrificant effect
  • Luster mirror effect
  • Metallic steel effect.


Depending on the effect sought, the body and type of firing temperature will be selected respectively.

Discover in the data sheet the different type of printing machine certified with Sicer.

Sicer Go-Live

Go-Live is a SicerTech innovative solution for regenerating digital inks. The ink stored in big containers (500/1000 kg) is pumped out and filtered with a time controlled external circulation based on two strokes (operation and stop). This process restores and renew the inks to give them the original characteristics and performances.

Sicer Go-Live

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