.LE series - Innovative ECO solvent-based ceramic inks.

.LE series - Innovative ECO solvent-based ceramic inks.

The latest evolution of the Sicer Inks research aimed at obtaining products with a very low environmental impact.
Lubricated and environmentally friendly, they have a no-smelling component and a significant reduction in harmful emissions compared to the best eco-inks available on the market today.

The continue research for the evolution of ceramic inks has led over the years, to select solvents with high evaporation temperature, achieving excellent performance with formulations based on fatty acid esters.
Sicer’s LOW EMISSION project is to reduce environmental impact by using solvents ultra-refined of last generation maintaining unchanged the qualitative standard.

Following technical informations about the new LOW EMISSION inks, .LE series


The Patented .LE LOW EMISSION series, with a solvent base, compared to the best ester-based inks on the market today, presents excellent certified results:

  • -60% of FORMALDEHYDE
  • -50% of ALDEHYDE
  • -50% of VOC – volatile organic compounds
  • -20% of COT – total organic carbon
  • -10% of INK CONSUPTION 

The .LE series, approved with the best digital machine manufacturers, is composed of:

  • Digital inks
  • Digital materials
  • Digital glue


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