Technical GHR grits and microgrits

Technical GHR grits and microgrits

The new range of technical GHR grits for flooring has been employed to create a wide range of natural tiling materials. Pleasantly textured and anti-glare surfaces, high-gloss marble even in darker tones.


SICER’s grits ensure a high resistance to chemical agents and abrasion, absolute transparency, digital graphic color’s development and an intrinsically natural feel.

Sicer offers two different type of GHR grits:


  • High resistance, matt grit
  • High resistance, transparent grit

The wide range of Sicer technical grits is available in different granulometries. The different types are miscible according to the specific needs of the customer.

To discover more, download Sicer GHR grits’ brochure.

Neutral GRA grits and microgrits

GRA series can be distinguished in different types:

  • White glossy GRA grit 
  • Transparent or matt GRA grit
  • Special APB GRA grit
  • Special crystallizing GRA grit
  • GRA DRY-LUX grit (see dedicated page)



GRA grits are designed for different firing temperatures:

  • Monoporosa (1130 ° C);
  • Porcelain Gres (1200 ° C).

The material aspect of the product enable a single use or the customization through different mixtures and effects.

Neutral GRA grits and microgrits
Special GRS grits

Special GRS grits

GRS series offers grits with special effect: lustre grit, iridescent and white special.

You can find:

  • Special Metalized GSM grits

Metal, copper grits melting in fusion

Metal grits melting in fusion

  • Reactive titanium Grits


  • Special Grits GRS

We offer different grain sizes for all of these different series.

Colored in melting and colored in mass grits GRC

GRC series grits can be used singularly or in combination with other grits or the new ones GHR.

GRC grits can be colored with two different techniques:

  • Melting in fusion

Brown grit;

Dark brown grit;

Blue night grit;

Petrol green grit;

Honey grit.



  • Synthesized in mass

Matt white grit;

Matt black grit;

Matt gray grit;

Matt blue grit;

Tobacco grit;


Colored in melting and colored in mass grits GRC

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