HP series: Full Colored Glass Calibrated Grits

HP series: Full Colored Glass Calibrated Grits

An innovative range of HP grits in 9 colors with 2 different particle size (.29 e .49).

The new series HP, full colored glass calibrated grits for porcelain gres, has 5 mains features:

  • Color intensity and depth
  • Stability of the color
  • Vetrified and waterproof color
  • Non-reflecting soft effect
  • Possibility to generate custom mix with colored and neutral grits of the same particle size (HPX series)

Choosing the HP series, composed of 9 basic colors, and mixing it with other grits, you can obtain endless combinations, HPX series, which allow you to achieve any desired color effect.

The result is a very intense, soft and above all stable grits mix that gives to the ceramic surface a preciousness and a unique added value.

The HP series has been designed for traditional applications or with digital glue, both for dry and wet applications.


Download the HP Series Brochure, click here!

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