This new range can be used to create an unlimited number of textures on ceramic surfaces (wood, concrete, etc.) and is capable of coordinating with digital designs and colours, regardless of the type of production plant used.
Sicer proposes two different solutions:



DIGITAL-STRUCTURE is a texturing/reserving agent which is applied digitally at the beginning of the glazing line, before or after the smaltobbio (highly vitrified
engobe), or after digital printing, and prevents materials applied on top of it from bonding, thereby creating material reliefs at the edges.

The DIGITAL-STRUCTURE range is dedicated to high resolution anti-reflective surfaces.

DIGITAL-STRUCTURE is available in three powerfull water-repellent digital versions.

• SDS030 Reserving (No solid content): 40-50 g/m2 

• SDS061 Texturing (Opaque): 80 g/m2

• SDS062 Texturing (Semi transparent): 80 g/m2



ATOM-STRUCTURE, available in the two versions ATS010 and ATS020 depending on the desired intensity of the effect, is a calibrated spray-dried product designed to be applied directly onto digital glue upstream of the glazing line.
The product aligns perfectly with the application pattern of the glue to create the desired relief and texture, after which all the other usual steps in the production line are carried out.


This new ATOM-STRUCTURE series is dedicated to low resolution semi-matt relief surfaces.

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